Student lays hands on top design prize

Sarah Skelton
Sarah Skelton

A SCARBOROUGH student has scooped a top prize with one of the country’s oldest trade guilds after being inspired by the success of Britain’s gold-medal winning cyclists.

Fashion student Sarah Skelton, 20, is completing the first year of her fashion design with textiles degree course at the University of Huddersfield.

As part of their portfolio of work, she and her fellow students were asked to enter a student glove design contest that is run annually by the Worshipful Company of Glovers in London, which has been established since 1349.

Miss Skelton, who is from Newby and went to Scarborough College, opted to design a glove for an Olympic sport and chose cycling because of the track record of Britain’s bike riders in recent years.

“I didn’t want to do something that was just pretty. I wanted to design a glove that was useful,” said the Scarborough-born designer.

So she came up with a pattern for unisex cycling gloves that are both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically efficient.

They are designed to be made from breathable, waterproof fabrics and with two types of rubber grip on the palms.

Judges chose Miss Skelton’s design as the best in her category and she won a £300 prize plus an invitation to the presentation ceremony in July.

It was the first time Miss Skelton had designed gloves.

“We usually do womenswear and menswear so this was an opportunity to do something different,” she said.

Miss Skelton became interested in dressmaking while at school and decided she wanted to learn all about design and technique, so her University of Huddersfield course is tailor-made. Her cycling glove exists only on paper at the moment – but during the summer she might try her hand at the art of glovemaking and produce a prototype.