Students demand Scarborough uni slash £9k fees

Scarborough University Campus..Picture Richard Ponter 133617
Scarborough University Campus..Picture Richard Ponter 133617

Disgruntled Scarborough students are demanding Hull University slashes their fees over claims they are not getting value for money.

University students studying at Scarborough Campus want fees cut by a third, claiming they are not getting the same service as their peers in Hull.

To date, 362 people have signed the petition backing the fee cuts which they say “reflect the cuts in the level of service” since bosses announced it was winding down the campus.

Hull University says staff have met with students over their gripe and are working to try and “address their concerns”.

However one student who signed the petition said; “Since Hull University announced it wouldn’t have a Scarborough campus, services have been drastically cut despite assurances that they wouldn’t.

“It’s little surprise there is so much anger when we are paying the same as those studying in Hull, but having to put up with a second-rate service.

“A lot of us feel this is affecting our education, so we feel it is only fair that we are compensated.”

Another student, who also asked not to be named, claimed services ranging from the library to the student bar have been cut.

Currently pupils studying at any Hull University site pay £9,000 a year in fees.

The petition calls for Scarborough students to pay just £6,000 annually.

Dr Giles Davidson, acting principal at the University of Hull Scarborough Campus said: “The university has spoken to students to understand their concerns fully.

“Working closely with the Students’ Union, we are now looking at what we can do to address their concerns.

“We are committed to ensuring our students have a positive experience on the Scarborough campus throughout their time with us.” Hull University announced it would cease to use its Scarborough campus in 2017 when the final students graduate. Hull College planned to take over but pulled out, leaving a question mark over the site’s future.