Students research future uses of old Scarborough to Whitby railway line - COMMENT ON THIS STORY

A GROUP of students are researching future uses for Scarborough's old railway line.

The 11 fifth year architecture students at Sheffield University are studying the old line, which ran to Whitby, as one of their six weeks' long 'live' projects and have been looking at ways of improving it and increasing levels of public use and enjoyment.

"The students became involved in the project through The Friends of the Old Railway Line who are currently working with Scarborough Council's Parks and Countryside team to seek funding to aid improvements to the line, known locally as the cinder track, " said council spokeswoman Emma Davies.

"Work has already begun with a public consultation exercise to find out how the route is currently used and to seek views as to what improvements people would like to see."

Proposals under consideration include improving access, providing better signage and seating and addressing the need for providing better information to the public.

The students are keen to find out what local residents and visitors think of the ideas they have come up with which include information leaflets, a downloadable podcast which would provide information at points of interest along the route and new designs for street furniture.

Roger Burnett, Scarborough Council's parks and countryside manager, added: "Although the project to improve the old railway line is already underway, we welcome the very valuable contribution the students are making through their work. They have developed some thought provoking ideas to share with visitors to the line and it will be very interesting to review the feedback they receive."

The students also handed out leaflets and provided free nettle soup at the event.

Anyone wanting more information on the project can contact Emma Cockroft on (01484) 515458 or (07841) 657923.

Alternatively the students have recorded their work on a blog which can be accessed at