Suggested shake-up of park and ride services

I have to agree with the recent editorial comments made by new deputy mayor Cllr Andrew Backhouse, regarding a suggested shake up of Scarborough’s park and ride services to boost usage particularly to help passengers in North Bay.

Over the recent half term break the town’s main routes have strained with many day trippers in their vehicles heading to our attractions and Cllr Backhouse’s views are sensible and should perhaps also include stopping in Ramshill to pick up and drop off passengers.

The Foreshore and Sandside routes have, in my opinion, experienced slow moving conditions most mornings and some have found the diversion route signs provided by Yorkshire Water confusing, one located near the steep steps leading down to the South Bay underground car park does in fact direct you towards Museum Terrace footpath! And obviously should have been located at the bottom of Vernon Road.

In the afternoons delays have been created tailing from Peasholm Park along Columbus Ravine up to the railway station and Stephen Joseph traffic lights. The emergency services must really be struggling at times to negotiate through.

I dread to imagine what problems two new sets of traffic lights on this route will create once Tesco opens its new store in Dean Road.

Guy Smith

Peasholm Drive