Sum it up in four lines!

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Who could forget ‘Elton John to Walk On Water In Scarboro!’? – Crescent Arts looks back at news content posters from The Scarborough News.

The most memorable capture the stories with a striking economy of language, have strong appeal and carry a sense of the visual, which parallels photo-journalism in its impact.

The affectionate look at two years of ‘content bills’ has been put together by Crescent Arts artist Karen Thompson.

She became interested in the news bills for their potential as vivid and expressive word pictures.

Ed Asquith, editor of The Scarborough News, said: “The content bills that we produce for stores and newsagents are intended to attract casual buyers of the paper. They need to be attractive and impactful to intrigue and be noticed, sometimes summarising a 1,000-word story into just four lines. It’s an art in itself.”

The exhibition runs at Crescent Arts, Scarborough, from today until Saturday May 18. Open times are Thursday to Saturday from 11am to 4pm.Admission is free.