Sunday in the spotlight at gallery exhibition

Pete McKee '40 winks too many
Pete McKee '40 winks too many

DECEPTIVELY simple paintings by artist Pete McKee comprise an exhibition opening at Scarborough Art Gallery on Saturday.

They conjure up a variety of everyday scenes that we can all associate with.

As a typical Yorkshire Renaissance man, brought up on a Sheffield council estate, Pete says that Scarborough holds a special place in his heart and forms some of his earliest holiday memories.

The exhibition, A Month of Sundays, features many of Pete’s quirky seaside themed paintings. Six have been produced for the new show.

Besides painting, Pete plays in the Everly Pregnant Brothers ukulele band, which, as part of Coastival, will play at the gallery at noon and the Spa at 3pm on Sunday 20 February. The gallery show is free.

Pete will return to the gallery on Friday 25 February to give a talk about the exhibition. It is due to begin at 6.30pm.

No charge will be made for admission to either the gallery or the Rotunda Museum during the Coastival weekend.