Superb care and kindness at hospital

Over the past months, I have been appalled and disgusted with the issues and bad reports that have been published regarding poor management and various other categories at Scarborough Hospital.

I appreciated there may be patients who had nasty experiences and have reason to complain but I haven’t enjoyed listening to the criticism and condemnation of the place.

Unfortunately, three weeks ago, I suffered a stroke and had to be rushed into the stroke unit.

I have now returned home, after almost a week stay there.

I would like to give full praise for the hospital. The care and kindness I was given was fantastic.

What a wonderful staff, they all were.

Nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble or bother. Yes I know, that is part of the duties and employment, the poor souls, all worked like a team of soldiers. It was amazing how weary those poor nurses and staff were, through having to work long shifts and pressures. It was a long way up those corridors, and many phone calls to contend with, plus panic buttons to answer, beds to change, all new patients to contend with. What a brilliant job they all do. I can only offer my gratefulness and thanks to each and everyone of them. My whole family have been grateful and impressed with the care and support I was given. One has to give credit where due. Perhaps there are members of the public out there who disagree with me, but praise has to be put into practice. I have read about complaints of cleanliness and the standard of food. Every morning at 8am a team of cleaners entered the ward. The floor was swept, then washed, all the window ledges and beds were sponged down with antiseptic solution. I could not fault that side of the stories, as for the food, it was brilliant, lovely meals. After all, one should not expect hotel standards. Who needs four four-course meals per day when mobility is limited. I speak for my family who all appreciated the support I’ve received after being given some devastating news from a scan, the compassion, sympathy and support was fantastic. My version is thank goodness we have the hospital. Long may it give services, and continue to serve our local community.

Praise would be the order of the day in my opinion. I apologise if I have offended any other patients or members of the public, I don’t mean too.

Surely, if one is desperately ill, and in need of urgent help, it should be a peace of mind, there would be help not so far down the road. My verdict is, thank you Scarborough Hospital.

May Cheeseman

Whitfield Avenue