Superb effort at Filey Bay

I would be most grateful if you would allow me to thank Mr Wayne Lowe, managing director, of Filey Bay.

I should like to thank Mr Lowe on behalf of all the members of Forever Butlins, the former management and staff of our Filey camp, together with the millions of guests and day visitors to the camp over many years.

We should like to thank Filey Bay for a number of things. We are extremely grateful to you for allowing us to erect the memorial plaque to perpetuate both the memory of Butlins Filey and ‘The Guv’nor’

Sir Billy Butlin. We thank you also for your kind hospitality in allowing us the facilities of the John Paul Jones Bar on the afternoon of the unveiling ceremony.

On a personal note, as a former senior Butlins executive, I would like to thank you for the most excellent job you have done on the former Butlins land overlooking the beautiful Filey Bay. What you have created is a great credit to both you and the memory of Sir Billy and I know that he and Mr Robert Butlin, would have been delighted with the site being converted to a beautiful award winning coastal holiday village, rather than reverting back to turnip fields and cow pastures.

I have carefully studied your brochures and I feel you have done a tremendous job. Our congratulations and most grateful thanks.

Rocky Mason

Former leisure and amenities controller

Court Road