Support group for servicemen

A SUPPORT group for ex-service men and women who have fallen through the gaps between other services has been launched in Scarborough.

The Ex-Services Community Network is trying to find sufferers of combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder, especially if they are homeless and even suicidal.

Gill Taylor, who runs the network, said: “We need to reach these guys and we need everyone’s help to do so. We are not talking about the guys who are able to go for a pint at the British Legion in Bar Street.”

Rarely a week goes by without media coverage regarding injured troops returning from the front line, and she added: “Unfortunately, we are still not up to speed with services for all those who are now in our ex-service community, especially those who experience mental ill-health.

“The majority of service personnel make the transition into civilian life with ease. However, a growing number do not find the adjustment easy for one reason or another.”

Gill said that more ex-Falklands men have committed suicide than were killed in the war.

“This is not generally down to anything the individual has or hasn’t done but is usually due to a huge range of reasons that you or I would be equally crushed by,” she said.

“We need to get across to all those concerned that this isn’t about any ordinary condition, but one that is a result of witnessing traumatic incidents in the service of our country.

“We need all of Scarborough, and indeed the county, to get behind us in supporting our campaign to offer a comprehensive support service for all our ex-service men and women, the merchant services, reservists and their families.

“We hope at some point to be able to have our own Veterans’ Centre and to register as a charity but for the time being, the Rainbow Centre at Parish House in Auborough Street has opened its doors to the Ex-Services Community Network who meet every Monday from 6pm to 8pm.”