Support Sunrise Walk in memory of Mark

St Catherine's Hospice
St Catherine's Hospice

On Saturday, September 15, I will be completing the St Catherine’s Hospice Sunrise Walk.

I do this in memory of a dear friend and a fellow musician Mark Gay, who sadly passed away on July 2 this year at St Catherine’s Hospice.

Many in this town knew Mark, who was not only a popular musician but also served as a staff nurse at Scarborough Hospital.

Mark raised vast sums of money for his cherished charities including Parkinson’s UK, cancer charities and St Catherine’s Hospice. If anyone who knew Mark and the kind, good humoured character he was would like to make a donation to the hospice in his name then please support the Sunrise Walk this Saturday. Please send a donation to The Fundraising Department (Sunrise Walk), Saint Catherine’s Hospice, Throxenby Lane, Scarborough YO12 5RE.

Jayne Anne Strutt

Scalby Road