Surfing visit is thanks to the Sons’ legacy

What must constitute as the greatest political U-turn in the entire history of local government was clearly highlighted recently by the visit of the national UK Pro Surf Tour to Scarborough, notably with the enthusiastic endorsement of both Scarborough Council and Yorkshire Water.

Staging such an event as this even in the very recent past, would have been inconceivable, given the local authority’s past reprehensible policy of condoning the dumping of raw sewage into the town’s bathing waters.

Just exactly where did the council, under previous leadership in years past, think its wholly irresponsible policy would lead to in terms of the future prosperity of the town?

Scarborough as a viable tourist economy as it is today, would simply have been eradicated.

It is a simple fact that the town’s key tourism asset, which for centuries has generated invaluable income, has simply been the sea itself.

Common sense, that most rare of basic intellectual human faculties, only actually prevailed in the end, solely because of the campaign relentlessly waged by the Sons Of Neptune.

Their campaign brought the whole issue of sewage pollution onto both the national and international political agenda, resulting in fundamental changes in EU law on the disposal of human waste in coastal waters.

The Neptune group’s legacy is profoundly illustrated today in that such a prestigious national surfing event, is now even staged in Scarborough at all.

Patrick Argent

Fulford Road