Swimming pool: 3 options but which will win?

Scarborough's current indoor swimming pool
Scarborough's current indoor swimming pool
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THREE options for new swimming facilities in Scarborough are being considered.

As part of the overhaul of sporting facilities in the town it has emerged that Scarborough Council plans to either refurbish the existing six-lane indoor pool at Ryndle Crescent, build a new eight-lane pool in the North Bay or incorporate a new pool into plans for the new sports village in Weaponness Valley.

Sam Greetham, president of Scarborough Swimming Club, said: “Whatever option is picked, Scarborough needs an eight-lane swimming pool. At the moment the indoor pool is oversubscribed.

“The pool that is there now has done well to last as long as it has but it does need something now.”

Mr Greetham added that he would prefer to see the existing pool extended into the car park area and refurbished.

“I have an affinity with the indoor pool,” he said. “People have been swimming there for 30 years.

“I also think it makes the most sense financially. In the current climate I’m not sure the money is there and the structure is fine.

“I think it would be quite easy to bring it to eight lanes if they built a conservatory type of structure.”

The three options were put to participants in a consultation exercise over the Weaponness sport village, which could be up and running by 2014 and will include a football stadium.

Building a new pool as part of the Weaponness development proved to be the most popular, with 43 per cent favouring the option.

Of the other respondents, 26 per cent said the existing pool should be retained and refurbished while 31 per cent wanted to see a new facility built in the North Bay.

The council’s head of regeneration and planning Pauline Elliot said: “These results can be taken into account at a later date when a decision is made on the most appropriate way to improve lane swimming facilities in the town.”

Development briefs for the Weaponness Valley site, Seamer Road football stadium and the Filey Road sports centre are expected to be approved by the council’s planning and development committee on Thursday.

It is stated that the council would prefer the Filey Road sports centre site to be transformed into a residential development with the scope to introduce sheltered housing, care or nursing accommodation or student accommodation.

The Seamer Road football stadium site is also expected to be redeveloped into housing, although a mixed use development may be approved.

The developer that wins the contract to build the sport village will develop the Filey Road and Seamer Road sites.