Take a seat ... Part of Scarborough’s history on E-Bay

The early stages of the McCain Stadium demolition
The early stages of the McCain Stadium demolition

FOOTBALL fans still mourning the demise of Scarborough FC have been offered a final memento of the club’s McCain Stadium – courtesy of Featherstone Rovers.

The rugby league side, which recently acquired the McCain Stadium’s east and west stands from Scarborough Council, are selling off seating from the ground in an enterprising move.

Each of the 1,000 seats are going for 99p on ebay.

Featherstone only agreed in April to purchase the stands from Scarborough Borough Council, which has been in possession of the stadium since 2008.

Since the club folded, the stadium has been vandalised and the ground itself unrecognisable from the one that hosted Chelsea in 2004.

Featherstone Rovers are using online auction site ebay to sell around 1,000 seat, and within 48 hours, more than 600 seats have so far been sold.

Supporters will be happy that they have the opportunity to have a keepsake of the ground in their living room. However, critics of the council will wonder why Scarborough Council never took the opportunity to try and recoup some of their losses on the stadium.

However, residents can at least take comfort in the fact that most of the seating will be put to good use in Scarborough – but for rugby not football.

Scarborough Rugby Club has purchased around 350 seats from Featherstone Rovers, and Graeme Jefferey, Operations Manager for Scarborough Rugby Club, said that the “timing couldn’t have been better.”

He said: “We’ve saved a bit of money by getting the seating so cheap, and at least it will keep part of Scarborough’s sporting heritage in the town.”

“It’s sad what happened to the football club, but their loss is our gain.”