Teacher set to retire after decades in class

Teacher,Sue Wilkinson retires from Northstead school.,cheered on by her class pic Richard Ponter 145015b
Teacher,Sue Wilkinson retires from Northstead school.,cheered on by her class pic Richard Ponter 145015b

A long-serving teacher who has been at Northstead School for the past 23 years is set to retire.

Sue Wilkinson, who is originally from Lancashire, has lived in Scarborough since 1977 after completing her teacher training in Lancaster.

Her first job was at Snainton School, where she stayed for 14 years. Mrs Wilkinson then moved to Northstead School, where she has taught ever since.

She said: “Work brought me to Scarborough and I got married here and had my two boys. It’s such a nice place to bring up a family.”

Mrs Wilkinson says she has seen lots of changes in teaching over the years.

She explained: “I’ve served under four headteachers and seen massive changes - a lot of it due to the Government.

“People are always trying different ideas and things come around again - with people thinking they’re new when they come round for a second time!”

Mrs Wilkinson says the thing she has enjoyed the most over the years is the children and the people she’s worked with.

She said: “It’s a close-knit school with very good staff. They are very supportive of each other.

“I’ve loved the camaraderie and being in a busy workplace.”

Mrs Wilkinson has spent most of her time teaching Year 5 and 6 pupils, who are aged from nine to 11 years old.

However, she has taught other age ranges throughout her career, having originally trained as an infant teacher.

She has also seen families grow and develop over the years, often teaching children from the same family.

She said: “I have people saying ‘you used to teach my mum, dad, uncle or cousin’!

“It’s also nice to bump into children in town with their families.

“You see them growing up and it’s nice to say hello. People are very friendly.”

Mrs Wilkinson has been responsible for Mathematics in the school, which is her specialist subject.

She is now set to retire at the end of this term and is looking forward to having more free time.

She said: “I’m going to travel a lot more - outside of school holidays! We’ve also got two grandsons, so I’m looking forward to spending more time with them.

“I’m also planning to spend more time with my friends, join a gym, take Spanish lessons and start cooking more!”