Teas from all over the world, hand-packed in Hunmanby - the story behind ZO Tea

Could a new business in Hunmanby be about to create a storm in a teacup?

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 12:53 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd March 2019, 12:58 pm
Sharon Crowley, founder of ZO Tea.

ZO Tea has been launched by Sharon Crowley - and is ideal for people who don’t insist that their cuppa comes with milk and a packet of biscuits for dunking.

Her flavours include camomile and peach and rooibos and rose, and are designed to bring round-the-clock health benefits.

Sharon said: “I was a photographer but relocated to Hunmanby a couple of years ago with my partner Cain and daughter Minnie.

“We loved the idea of living in the village, and the school was ideal for my daughter.

“I was looking for a career change that would allow me to do more work from home and started to look at things I could do.

“I have had problems with my stomach and had drunk herbal teas for a while, and knew all about the benefits, so my partner said ‘why not do that?’. “I knew a lot about it already so I began to look at sourcing teas.

“I decided I wanted to go organic and and began working with designers on the brand.”

Sharon brings in tea from a supplier in Germany, which sources, mixes and blends tea from all around the world. She added: “They are the experts, and they get green tea from China and Rooibos tea from South Africa, but it is all hand-packed here in Hunmanby.”

Sharon chose the name ZO for her brand from an ancient Chinese word for tea, but she is hoping to use modern methods to get the name out there.

She launched in December but has been working on the project for the past two years. At the moment, she is using social media to get the name known and is hoping to find local independent shops to stock her teas in the future.

“Attitudes to tea are changing. People are opening up to loose leaf tea more and having a cup of tea can become more of a ritual than just chucking a tea bag in a mug,” Sharon said.

Five teas to get you through the day

○ Mate Green and Blackberry Leaves: Expertly blended to help you prepare for the day ahead. Energy-boosting leaves such as mate green, nettle and dandelion are ideal for helping you lose weight.

○ Green Tea China Sensha and Raspberry: Made with body-cleansing, skin-revitalising leaves such as acas, galangal and lemongrass, which are ideal for looking after your insides, as well as your outsides

○ Roobios and Rose: Helps to maintain your body’s natural levels, relieving cramps and bloating as well as reducing fatigue. Rooibos, nettle, fennel and ginger also help lift your spirits and calm your nerves.

○ Camomile and Peach: Caffeine-free tea to give you a relaxed and peaceful night’s sleep, thanks to nerve-calming, stress-relieving ingredients such as St John’s-wort, lavender and hop petals, which help you drift off naturally and wake up refreshed.

○ Green Rooibos and Orange: A natural, purifying detox, made with lemongrass, spearmint, quince and marigold, which soothe and cleanse your body, as well as boosting your immune system and improving digestion.