Tenants’ chance to swap homes

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A “speed dating” style session where Yorkshire Coast Homes tenants can engage with others who are interested in swapping their homes is being held in Scarborough.

Last year’s “Room to Move” event saw a total of six home swaps completed and it’s hoped that this year’s session will prove even more successful.

As the government’s welfare reforms, including the so called “bedroom tax”, continue to have an impact on those in receipt of housing benefit, more and more social housing tenants are seeking ways to manage their outgoings within the framework of the new policies.

The event will take place at Westborough Methodist Church on Friday July 11 between 11am and 1pm and will provide the opportunity for all tenants to discuss their options with housing association representatives, as well as with other tenants, on a face-to-face basis.

Although the event is primarily focused on home swapping, a variety of additional agencies will also be on hand to offer advice on associated issues such as job-seeking and benefits.

Andy Lord, welfare reform officer and one of the event organisers said: “Yorkshire Coast Homes is concerned about the impact that the government’s ‘bedroom tax’ has had, but we feel confident that by participating in this event, which is supported by a number of our partners, our tenants will be able to identify potential home swaps that will prove more suitable for their needs.

“Previous Room To Move events have proved highly successful so we know that the system works and that people are able to improve their situations quite easily and within a relatively short time.” To register tenants should ring (01723) 343436.