Terror on the terraces as hooligans hit fans

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A Scarborough Athletic fan was knocked out when rioting football hooligans hurled glasses and stools in front of terrified children.

Loutish Darlington fans then caused terror on the terraces, as trouble spilled on to the stands and streets surrounding Scarborough’s Queensgate ground when the two sides clashed.

Two men were arrested in the aftermath of Saturday’s fracas, while one Boro fan has recalled how he was left in a crumpled unconscious heap after being hit with a “cheap shot” during the melee.

“We were in the Harbour Tavern having drinks before the game, I was sat at the bar and each pub we went into during the day we noticed two or three Darlington fans walk in,” said Thomas Manson, who called for the troublemakers to be banned.

“I thought nothing of it, but then all of a sudden loads of Darlington fans came in and started throwing glasses, stools – anything they could get their hands on.

“I was caught up in the middle of it, then bang – a punch straight to my head. I remember coming round with police standing around me.”

Exclusive CCTV footage shows around 40 rival fans flood inside the Bridlington family pub before violence ensues.

Cameras capture one terrified father fleeing with his infant child clutched in his arms.

Pub manager Sonja Olsen-Kjolnes said she has never had any trouble with Scarborough fans, and that Darlington supporters stalked their rivals before calling for reinforcements.

“I have been here 15 years and that was the first time I have ever seen anything on that scale,” said Sonja, whose staff called police.

“A gang of Darlo’ fans came through the door and started attacking them.

“There were families with babies and young children. There were a lot of glasses being thrown.”

“They have brought shame on their club.”

Police quickly broke up the trouble, but further ugly scenes unfolded in and around Queensgate.

Pictures circulating on Twitter show fans squaring up to police inside the ground, with sources claiming the bar was shut during the game to try to curb rowdy behaviour.

Scarborough’s chairman Dave Holland said: “There was trouble at the game, but we were able to deal with it due to the Darlington stewards who came down to help us at the game. Without them we would have struggled.”

Humberside Police confirmed “a number” of fans were slapped with section 35 dispersal orders at the match, and the two men arrested – one for breaching that order and the other for drunk and disorderly – have been respectively dealt with a caution and a fine.

But the ugly scenes at the match, which Darlington won 2-1, mirror those at Whitby’s last week when they entertained FC United.

A teenager was arrested after flares were hurled onto The Turnbull Ground’s pitch.

It’s understood at least one Scarborough Athletic supporter plans on penning a letter to Darlington, calling for action in the wake of Saturday’s trouble.

But a spokesperson for Darlington Football Club’s Official Supporters’ Club claimed they “did not know of any trouble” involving their fans. They added: “If any fans were involved then it will be down to the club to potentially ban them.”