Tesco group meets before big decision

A MEETING of the Scarborough Town Against Tesco Store group will be held on Wednesday.

It is the last time the group will meet before the Tesco and Sainsbury’s planning applications are heard on December 8.

Tesco plans to build a new superstore in Dean Road while Sainsbury’s wants to extend its supermarket in Falsgrave.

The meeting will take place at 7.30pm in the Corporation Club in Dean Road.

The Scarborough Town Against Tesco Store group opposes the building of a supermarket in Dean Road as well as the proposed closure of part of Trafalgar Street West and installing traffic lights at the junction of Dean Road and Columbus Ravine.

The group collected 5,400 signatures on a petition and delivered it to Downing Street in September.

Tesco has said that if it gets the go-ahead, 350 new jobs would be created in Scarborough and shoppers in the town will get more choice.

It plans to convert its current Westwood store into accommodation for elderly people if the new store opens.