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Tesco store pic 2.jpg
Tesco store pic 2.jpg

TESCO has officially applied for permission to build a new superstore on the outskirts of Scarborough town centre.

Consultation documents were yesterday sent out to local residents, who will have until February 7 to make their feelings known about the plans.

Tesco store pic 1.jpg

Tesco store pic 1.jpg

Tesco hopes planning permission will be granted by Scarborough Council’s planning committee by April.

To support its application, Tesco commissioned reports, including planning and retail studies, an energy sustainability study, a transport assessment and an archaeological heritage statement.

In the retail report, carried out by Tesco’s developers DPP, it says that if the proposed store goes ahead, it will have little impact on other retailers in the town.

It is proposed that the store will be significantly larger than the current Westwood branch, which it will replace.

The total sales area in the store which Tesco has applied to build is 5,472sq metres – three times the size of the Westwood store.

The area selling groceries will be almost twice as large, while the area selling non-food items will be 13 times larger.

Retailers selling non-food items are predicted to be hit hardest, with the new store projected to take £6.27 million from competitors in Scarborough.

The report concludes: “Neither Scarborough town centre, nor any other district centre will experience any harmful levels of impact to the point where their ongoing vitality and viability will be adversely affected.

“In respect of Scarborough town centre, it has been demonstrated that it a vital and viable retail destination, benefiting from the attraction of the town as a tourist destination.

“In light of this it is considered that a forecast impact of less than four per cent on the centre will not cause harm and will be offset by the benefits arising from clawing back trade to a location on the edge of the centre, allowing other retailers and service providers to benefit from this increased footfall by way of linked trips.”

In a noise assessment, it was predicted that while noise would increase for nearby residents in Melrose Street, Dean Road, Columbus Ravine, Trafalgar Street West and Clifton Street, the levels would fall within World Health Organisation limits.

In a traffic study, it was stated that Tesco will encourage shoppers and staff to use public transport, in a bid to reduce traffic congestion in the area.

Mouchel, the company which carried out the assessment, found that the junction of Columbus Ravine and Dean Road would at present be unable to accommodate the increased traffic flows which the new store would bring.

However it is stated that installing new traffic lights at the junction would solve the problem.

Many residents have expressed concerns about the potential of the new store bringing traffic chaos to the area, with knock-on effects for motorists throughout the town.

Part of Trafalgar Street West, which links Dean Road and Northway, will close under the proposals.

However the traffic assessment stated: “It is considered that the development would create no significant transport-related impacts on the wider highway network.

“Additionally, the new store will provide increased choice for local residents and those visiting the town centre and, for many, may obviate the need to travel further afield for shopping purposes.”

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