Thank-you: Workers keep gardens in great condition

It is very easy not to notice what is right in front of your eyes! I consider myself to be very lucky to live in Scarborough and particularly in one of the nicest squares in Scarborough.

When I bought my flat some 14 years ago to downsize, one of the most difficult things to leave was not my house, but my lovely garden.

Having spent many happy hours gardening, sitting in the sun watching my children playing in my garden, the loss of my garden was very hard for me, although the move was the most practical thing to do at the time.

When I looked at flats in town they mostly had no outlook, then I found my flat in Lonsdale Road, looking on to Granville Square. The deal was done, I moved and I have the pleasure of living in this delightful square, watching the seasons change and seeing the gardens which are just beautiful.

The purpose of this letter is just to say a big thank you to all the park and garden employees, who regularly keep this square lovely, for all their hard work cutting the grass, trimming the hedges, cutting back the plants and maintaining the paths.

The pleasure is mine, and I hope the other residents of the square also appreciate the work regularly being done, as we have not only the pleasure of overlooking it but also of using it. The children playing in the garden, the adults sunbathing and walking their dogs.

It is very easy to criticise the local council with all the cut backs we see, but it is the things going on all year, sometimes not seen or appreciated.

So once again a big thank you, I just want the garden employees to know your work is not taken for granted, it is much appreciated and you do make a big difference to our lives.

E Vasey

Lonsdale Road