The Byways, Crossgates: Great family pub with good food to match

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Over the years we have always known the Byways as one of Scarborough’s top child-friendly pubs.

It used to be a place perfect for parties or somewhere for the sprogs to let off some steam.

Recently, though, priorities have changed a little at the Byways.

The indoor play area has been ripped out and instead of young-uns darting past you, the waiters and waitresses now march on by.

There is still a family feeling about the place, but that is now linked with a more foodie taste.

That is added to by the neat wooden booths that, linking back to its former roots, surround their very own built-in television, beaming CBeebies into the room.

That was useful at times for our trip for dinner, though on request channels can be switched, or there are plenty of areas that look out over the well-lit garden areas.

We bundled our way into one of the booths and pondered our way through an extensive menu, that comfortably covered every food-group.

Being a Hungry Horse pub, there were deals-a-plenty to tempt any visiting family and we soon dug into these, though more lavish dishes are available.

You can spend anything up to the £13.99 Big Sizzler, though no quick decisions can be made, due to the nigh-on 100 choices available.

I went for the Southern Fried Chicken Burger, which included a free drink, while my wife Sarah selected her usual healthy option of the Smoked Haddock, Spinach and West Country Cheddar Florentine Bake.

Jack dug into the classic burger, again with a drink, while the younger two, having been yanked away from the fascination of trying to win toys by plucking them from a machine, were keen to go for the kids menu.

For just over £4 they received a drink, respective chicken nuggets and a burger, followed by a decent-sized pudding.

The food was quickly out and we were asked on a number of occasions if our meal was okay and if we required anything else – everyone seemed keen to please.

You can’t got wrong with a chicken burger and I certainly didn’t. It was simple, pleasant and I was full when I left.

Sarah’s Florentine didn’t last long, which is a good sign, while the kids all cleared their plates.

I did manage to steal a chicken nugget before Maia’s guarding fork came down on my fingers.

Only James and Maia had dessert because they still had the room.

Their Chocolate Brownies and tub of ice cream came as a part of their meal deal.

There was lots to ponder over as there is an expansive array of around 25 puddings.

The overall experience was a good one.

We didn’t go expecting an a la carte experience because the Byways is a pub and not one of the town’s top restaurants.

We did leave happy though, the kids having burned off some Friday night energy and everyone feeling full.


Food 8

Menu choice 7

Service 8

Decor 6

Ambience 7