The debate: what they said

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Scarborough Rugby Club is planning to appeal against a decision to prevent them playing jingles or music over a tannoy system.

The decision was taken by members of Scarborough Council’s Planning Committee at the Town Hall last week in front of a packed public gallery.

Members accepted that the tannoy system could be used to make announcements – but ruled out its use for music at the same sound level during rugby festivals and tournaments.

Graeme Young, the club’s chief executive, said they were currently taking legal advice. “We are delighted that the planning committee members unanimously voted in favour of our application.

“We are especially pleased that they unanimously accepted the boundary sound levels proposed by our acoustic engineers and therefore deemed the World Health Organisation sound standard as appropriate.

“This is a very important precedent for future consideration. We are curious as to why the committee rejected the playing of limited music, four times a year at rugby festivals.

“This music was set for the same sound level as the tannoy, having accepted the sound level it seems illogical to determine against a type of sound.”

Mr Young added that the appeal inspectorate would examine this element of the application – which had been recommended twice for approval by council planning officers and supported by the council’s environmental health officers.

He said: “It is regrettable that more time, cost and dispute will inevitably follow this decision. It is baffling why some councillors will not grant consent for a sports club the same liberty they grant for their own facilities across the town.”

Last week members of the council’s licensing sub-committee granted, in full, the club’s application to vary its premises licence.