The Friendly Forrester, Bridlington: Relaxed atmosphere and hearty food

The Friendly Forrester
The Friendly Forrester

On an exceptionally busy bank holiday weekend I decided to add to the misery of the already rushed-off-their-feet staff at The Friendly Forrester in Bridlington.

The chain pub was filled to bursting point. The bar staff hopped from one punter to the next as waiters busied themselves darting to and from tables.

“There’s going to be a 40-minute wait,” the lady behind the bar informed me. “That’s fine” I said, so my girlfriend and I ordered some drinks to content ourselves with while our order was processed.

The atmosphere in the Friendly Forrester is not generally what you would expect from any chain pub, which is by no means a bad thing.

There was a very cosy and indeed, friendly feel to the Forrester, and the staff there make an effort to be exceedingly 
polite and helpful.

They have a wide selection of both soft and alcoholic drinks, from dry and fruity white wines, to hoppy ales, refreshing lagers and summery ciders.

I had chosen to start with nachos for one, while my co-diner selected breaded mushrooms with barbecue sauce.

Around 20 minutes later we were presented with our starters by a somewhat flustered waitress, who quickly dashed off back to the kitchen to grab the next round of dishes to be served up.

The nachos were fine and were nicely complimented with generous dollops of sour cream, salsa and guacamole. The breaded mushrooms went down a treat with my fellow diner who remarked: “these are perfect!”

The Friendly Forrester’s menu offers diners a fairly wide range of dishes – from pub classics like fish and chips, scampi, steaks and pies, to their American-inspired cousins such as the triple decker deluxe burger, mixed grill burger and of course, the all American platter.

It was another 15 minutes or so until our main courses arrived. I had impulsively chosen the exceptionally gluttonousness all-American platter. A delicious monstrosity, rammed with barbecue ribs, chicken wings, corn on-the-cob, fried chicken, onion rings and curly fries.

Needless to say I was struggling to finish my banquet-for-one long after my girlfriend had polished off her ‘barbecue smothered chicken’ which she remarked on saying: “That was more than enough for me, too much of a good thing.”

Feeling more full than I had ever been, I doubted I could possibly endure a dessert.

But I was wrong. After glancing over the pudding section I found myself ordering the Bailey’s ice cream sundae.

It was a wonderfully indulgent concoction, and I somehow managed to eat the whole thing in little under 10 minutes. My co-diner had opted for the fudge cake, which she adored but was unable to finish.

Bridlington’s Friendly Forrester has never failed to impress me. Not just in terms of the food they have on offer, 
but also the quality of the service during incredibly busy periods.

If you aren’t looking for an overly-formal sit-down meal, then The Friendly Forrester is sure to satisfy your craving for good (and occasionally excessive) food in a relaxed, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere.