The Futurist demolition set to take more than a year

The Futurist in Scarborough South Bay.
The Futurist in Scarborough South Bay.

The demolition of Scarborough’s Futurist theatre is due to take more than a year, a council report has revealed.

The borough council has already agreed that the 2,100-seat theatre should be pulled down and a report to the authority’s Cabinet next week says that the work is due to start next month.

However the report also states work will take until December next year to complete, with the majority of the work being carried out in June – despite the years of doubt placed on the future of the building.

Nick Edwards, the council’s director says in his report that the demolition cost of £3,913,000 is within the £4m budget allocated and approved by the council earlier this year.

The demolition scheme is subject to approval by the council’s planning and development committee on October 20.

He said: “The final design of the demolition of the theatre has been varied slightly. the changes reflect feedback.”

He said that the original demolition showed two development platforms but there will now be one platform and gradual slope from King Street. The council has selected Flamingo Land to redevelop the site as a major new holiday attraction.

The theatre has been the subject of a long-running wrangle between the council and campaigners who wanted to save it.

A working party of the council concluded some years ago that the redevelopment of the Spa Grand Hall and the restoration of the 7,000 seat Open Air Theatre made the Futurist - once one of the prime theatre venues in any British seaside resort - surplus and it would also have cost several millions of pounds to renovate.

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