The girls’ guide to fashion

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FABULOUS fashions were on view at a special fundraising event at Westborough Church in Scarborough.

Rangers and Guides took part in a fashion show which raised £420 to be split 50/50 between 2nd Scarborough Rangers and Ellie’s Fund, a fund set up in memory of Scarborough teenager Ellie Othick-Bowmaker who died aged 14 after battling two brain tumours.

The fashion show featured recycled outfits, Guide uniforms and looks themed from the 1950s to present day.

Rangers and Guides, aged 10 to 18 took part and designed the outfits themselves.

Amelia Scholey, rangers leader, said: “They did really well and I was so proud of them all.

“The show was great and everybody seemed to enjoy it. It was really well supported - there was a big crowd of family, friends and other Guide groups.”