The Ivanhoe: Welcoming pub with impressive food choice

The Ivanhoe
The Ivanhoe

Proper local, village pubs are becoming few and far between and when you are just a stone’s throw from the bustling centre of Scarborough it must be even harder to 
keep up with your counterparts.

It is refreshing, though, that the Ivanhoe hasn’t succumbed to the national chains with a menu which would be transferable between here, London or a motorway service station.

The Ivanhoe has still retained its place in the community

Walking into the bar, with dog – it’s good to find places that allow dogs – on a Saturday afternoon after a long walk along the beach andOld Town we were ready for the warm, cosy and welcoming bar 

To find football results on the TV and a regular sitting in the corner with his old dog confirmed that this pub still retained its place in the community.

The menu was focused primarily on burgers and the grill which boasts over 10 
different ways in which you can have steak or chicken, and ribs from Saxon, Crusader or Norman styles to 
chicken laced with a tequila sauce.

Prices seemed reasonable with £5.95 for a plain burger with chips, salad and coleslaw, up to £12.95 for Tower Burger with a monumental two burgers, two rashers of bacon, two hash browns, melted cheese and the trimmings.

While the choice is impressive it becomes almost too complicated, and then there are a few fish dishes and curries on top of that.

The midweek offer menu features pasta and more vegetable orientated dishes such as ratatouille, chicken and leek pie, carbonara or braised liver, onions and bacon .

It is a shame these don’t feature on the menu which was available on Saturday 
as I would have opted for 
that but instead chose the skewers of grilled King Prawns (£9.95) with rice and vegetables while my companion chose the vegetarian curry (£8.95).

Having worked up an 
appetite following our walk we didn’t have to wait too long for the meals.

The curry, a wholesome, chunky and tasty mix of carrots, beans and sweet potatoes, came with naan bread, rice, chutneys and salad and was nicely presented on a huge colourful plate.

The nine prawns, however, were accompanied with plain rice, a pot of sweet chilli sauce and less than a handful of 

While there was nothing wrong with the taste of the food itself it was slightly disappointing and looked a bit sorry in comparison.

There was definitely still room for dessert – if you like sponge pudding and ice-cream.

Treacle, jam, lemon, sticky toffee pudding and chocolate fudge cake with custard form the dessert menu, or, failing that, a cheese board.

Having asked if there was a fruit-based alternative the answer was no so we both opted for sticky toffee pudding.

For two main courses, two desserts, two drinks and a pot of tea for two the bill was £33.70.

You would be hard-pressed to argue with that for good value for money, and the food wasn’t at all bad.