The judgements of councillors is awry

I WRITE to you, “The Voice of Scarborough” regarding the acts by our town councillors.

Councillors are elected for a period of four years, though some will retain their seats for more than one term, that is decided by the electorate in their region.

It is my belief, and that of others I have spoken to, that any council decisions should only be valid for their term of office. New councillors may have a very different view to that of those who are not elected in later years. So wrongful decisions could cause problems for councillors elected in later years.

Most councillors only have the experience that is related to the employment they have had etc. I fail to see how and why any councillor can make decisions for more than the term they have been elected for, ie periods of fours years and could of course go to live in other towns etc.

So plans like the present Town Hall and Futurist area along with moving the council out of town, should not be carried out by our elected councillors, who may or may not be here or elected again.

These permanent plans should be scrapped for various reasons, such as staff being paid to travel out of town to work, why?

A lot of our elderly residents don’t have and cannot afford to go out of town when they need to see various town hall staff, they don’t all have cars and sufficient income to travel to an out of town location. These facts have been raised several times to no avail as yet.

I would suggest that your many readers including myself and family would like you, and possibly the ‘Sons of Neptune’ etc or others through our local paper, give our towns folk the opportunity to vote nay or yay to our councillors plans, re the aforementioned plans.

Further to this matter, I cannot understand why we need such a large number of councillors with their new toys, if any at all.

I have had many dealings with heads of departments, in my time as a builder, these men and women are quite capable of running our town, without the need for Mr Fox and company.

Think of the money we would save! We really only need a mayor and mayoress as figure heads.

Bryan Rutter

Garfield Road