The rabbit that nearly cost £500 on the mend

Ellie Slight, 10, pictured with Biscuit, who is now recovering 114073
Ellie Slight, 10, pictured with Biscuit, who is now recovering 114073

A 10-YEAR-OLD Scarborough girl is delighted to have her beloved pet rabbit back after he underwent emergency surgery – which could have cost upto £500.

Ellie Slight, of Cayton, and her grandmother Karen Trueman thought that Biscuit would have to be put down.

But vet Richard Hambridge, of Dunslow Road Veterinary Surgery in Eastfield, said he would carry out the procedure.

Biscuit had escaped from the garden in Carr House Lane, Cayton, and when Karen found him he was badly injured.

She said: “I don’t know what happened, but he had wounds and a dislocated hip.

“His future was doomed as he faced specialist surgery in Harrogate at £400 to £500 and we were unable to meet the costs.”

Karen explained that having contacted a number of vets, she finally spoke to Mr Hambridge who said he could do the operation at a price she could afford.

She said: “He operated that day. We can’t thank Richard and his staff enough. Ellie is so happy to have her best friend back.”

Karen added that Biscuit is doing well and his cheeky, mischievous character has come back.

Mr Hambridge said he was delighted to hear how well his patient was doing so far.

He said: “He had a badly dislocated hip, so we won’t know how good the final results are for a while. I was happy to do the operation and glad to be of help.”