The sad tale of a ‘tortured’ soul

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A MAN died after a tragic drug and alcohol overdose, a Scarborough inquest heard.

Hugh McGovern, 56, had a lethal combination of drink and the painkiller Tramadol.

The inquest, at Scarborough County Court, heard from Mr McGovern’s daughter, Lisa, who said he suffered from depression and a serious pancreas complaint.

He also had a significant history of alcohol and pain relief addiction. Miss McGovern said his depressed state was made worse after his divorce. She said: “He had been in and out of hospital and when he came out he would tend to be a little more healthy but he would start drinking again. He would drink and the pain started to get worse so he took the tablets. It was a vicious circle.”

Miss McGovern said matters became worse when her father’s flat, in St Peter’s Road, Whitby, was “smashed up” by a friend.

She had gone round to take her father his tablets and stayed to give him something to eat when she saw the damage.

She added: “He was in the flat and appeared to be drinking.

“He was on the settee ad the flat was dirty and I told him to sort himself out.

“It was just not Dad that day.

“He was his own worst enemy with the drink and was a tortured soul. However, I do feel this was an unfortunate accident.”

The inquest also heard a statement from Dale Price, a friend of Mr McGovern’s, who said the unemployed rig worker had rushed to his address on the night of the damage to his flat.

He said: “I heard knocking on the back door and it was Hugh, he was in a mess and not dressed properly. He was upset about something so I went to his flat and found lamps and other items on the floor.

“He said a man had turned up and wanted drink.”

Deputy coroner John Broadbridge recorded a verdict of misadventure. “However, there is no evidence that would suggest that he was prepared to kill himself.

He had intended to take the Tramadol and drink the alcohol, but he certainly did not intend the consequences. Although he consumed to excess, the consumption was not to kill himself.”