The Scarborough hits the targets for sales

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Thousands of pounds in extra payments have been awarded to Scarborough retailers thanks to the success of the new Scarborough News.

The extra money was earned by targets given to newsagents, a number of whom exceeded sales with their displays and promotion.

Four of the leading newsagents were Card and Candy Corner, the Spa at Main Street, East Ayton, the Nisa at North Marine Road, and the Co-op store at the corner of Westwood Road and Valley Road.

A number of supermarkets also exceeded their sales targets and will be featured next week detailing the charities that they will be donating their extra payments to.

All retailers took part in a 13-week scheme to promote The Scarborough News, which replaced the Scarborough Evening News last year. The bigger title includes extra features such as extra nostalgia features, pets page, fishing and farming spotlights, quiz page, restaurant reviews, church news, aerial pictures and unusual museum exhibit of the week.

Claire Wardle, Newspaper Sales manager, said: “The launch of the new paper has been fantastic. Our newsagents, stores and other outlets really got behind us and have helped to promote the excellent new title. I’d like to thank them all, and to congratulate those which exceeded their targets. The local retail trade has earned themselves an additional £1,860.45 and also raised £2,707.45 for charity through their promotion of the new title. Thank you also to our readers for your continued support.”

Some of the retailers with the top performances earned bonus payments; Carol Abdy, of the Card and Candy £168, Gill Trowsdale, of the Spa at East Ayton £259.15; Danny Wilson, of Nisa £296.10; and Nicci Coi of the Westwood Co-op £81.45.

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