Theatre of screams returns to Futurist

A CONTORTIONIST who fires a longbow using her feet and a sword swallower who includes an electric drill in his act are just two of the highlights included in the Circus of Horrors at the Futurist on Wednesday.

Dr Haze, the gruesome horror show’s self-styled undead ringmaster, said they had not played in Scarborough for about five or six years and he was looking forward to the return. “We’ve done other places near it,” he said. “I love Scarborough – it’s beautiful.”

The Circus of Horrors was formed 15 years ago and the show now includes 26 performers and musicians. Dr Haze described the current show, The Four Chapters from Hell, as a sort of greatest hits of the four previous versions. He said: “It’s very interesting. This is Circus of Horrors digitally remastered. There’s going to be something in there for everybody.”

What we are promised are some of the greatest, most bizarre and beautiful circus acts on earth. From dare devil flying trapeze to a vampiric crow woman suspended only by her hair, whirlwind roller skaters, pickled and bendy people, voodoo warriors and knife throwers to name but a few. Dr Haze said: “There’s a lot of stuff that people haven’t seen before and this pulls the best bits from the past 15 years.”

As a cautionary note it is not for those of a nervous disposition and organisers warn that the show contains language of an adult nature.