Theft of Peasholm hens leads to jail

June 21 1907

At the North Riding Police Court on Tuesday, Thomas E Luntley and Joseph Lindsay, labourer, Scarborough, were charged with stealing six fowls, the property of John R Tucker, from a fowlhouse at Peasholm during Friday night.

Luntley pleaded guilty, and adding, “If I had not been drunk I would not have done it.”

Lindsay said he was not guilty of stealing the fowls, but added “I was there when they were stolen and helped to take them away.”

Inspector Henderson said that on Saturday last Lindsay was drunk and creating a disturbance in Dumple Street, and PC Nalton was assisting to take him into custody, when, in consequence of something he heard, he went in search of Luntley and arrested him. Subsequently he went to Lindsay’s house and found a fowl (produced) under a mattress. Another fowl had been taken away.

The other four fowls had been thrown by Lindsey into the sea.

William Tucker, son of the prosecutor, gave evidence.

PC Nalton stated he arrested Luntley and charged him with stealing six fowls, the property of some person unknown.

He said, “I may as well tell the truth. Me and Lindsay got the chickens.”

He also said that they got them at of Tucker’s field at Peasholm. Witness then went to Lindsay’s house in Dumple Street and found a black hen under a mattress. He afterwards went to Quay Street and got another hen.

Inspector Henderson stated that he received Luntley into custody from the borough police about 10 o’clock on Saturday night and charged him. He said “Quite right, I took four of them in a bag and threw them over the pier into the sea. Lindsay took the other two.”

He received Lindsay into custody from the borough police that morning, and on being charged he said, “I did not steal them; I was there when they were stolen and helped to carry them away.”

Both prisoners now pleaded that they were drunk or they would not have taken the fowls.

Inspector Henderson said that Luntley had been 11 times convicted and Lindsay 16 times.

They were each committed to prison for two months with hard labour. Lindsay, who was committed for three months on Monday by the borough magistrates on another charge, was informed that he would have to undergo the two months hard labour at the expiration of his term of three months.