Think of those less fortunate

Santa’s arrival in Scarborough harbour, with pictures of the greeting by hundreds of children, does indeed mark the start of the town’s Christmas celebrations.

These images, coupled with the report of the council’s bid to help traders and shoppers with parking incentives in the run up to Christmas, is welcome news. However, I am pleased that the same edition of your paper also carries a story ‘Demand growing for family food parcels’ which is a reminder to all that there is a significant section of our society for whom there will be little comfort and joy during the festive season. Additional, that is, to those with health problems.

The Salvation Army in Alma Parade are seeking help with a new service to help provide for these unfortunate people, not just the homeless, but those with homes and families whom, they are finding, “cannot afford to provide food”, let alone the luxury festive goods which have been increasingly on display seemingly since last Easter.

I know, from previous correspondence in your paper, that there are people who seem unable or unwilling to accept that the situation of many of those in need is due to misfortune, as opposed to self-inflicted causes. Nonetheless I feel sure that the Salvation Army, and any other organisation with similar aims, will be expecting the season of goodwill to prevail and thus enable them to help the less fortunate to enjoy the Christmas period that so many of us will be taking for granted.

Incidentally, I just received notification that my winter fuel payment is on its way. A matter of life or death for some pensioners. There’s food for thought.

Charles Braithwaite

Trinity Road