Third sculpture gift by generous woman

ANOTHER statue is set to grace the streets of Scarborough thanks to generous pensioner Maureen Robinson.

The new sculpture will be the third piece of public art Mrs Robinson has bought for the town in less than a year.

Following a hugely positive response to both the Freddie Gilroy and Filey fisherman statues, Mrs Robinson has now commissioned sculptor Ray Lonsdale to create a pair of life-size smugglers.

The proposed site is off Eastborough at Merchant’s Row, which overlooks Scarborough’s South Bay.

Mrs Robinson, of Malvern Crescent, said: “I love the sketch - it looks ideal. I’m such an ardent fan of Ray Lonsdale’s work and I have every faith in him.”

She had been thinking about buying another statue for some time and had always been fascinated by smugglers.

Mrs Robinson said: “From being a child I used to go to Flamborough and was fascinated by the smugglers’ cove.

“I have researched the history of smuggling since then, especially what went on in Robin Hood’s Bay and the old parts of Scarborough. I wanted to try and capture some of that heritage.” SEE page 4

The sculpture will take the form of a life-size smuggler and his apprentice, with the 6ft adult carrying a barrel of brandy on his shoulder.

Mrs Robinson has also asked the sculptor about the possibility of adding a barrel on the floor, so people can sit and have their photo taken.

She said: “People love being able to relate to a statue and I think this will give it the fun factor.

“If the sculpture can appeal to everyone - including children - it will be a great attraction.”

A meeting will be held with Scarborough Council in June to discuss the proposal.

It is hoped that the site will be agreed and accepted by all parties.

If this is the case, the statue could be in place before the end of August.

The statue will be made of corten steel, like Freddie Gilroy and the Belsen Stragglers in Royal Albert Drive and the fisherman, titled A High Tide in Short Wellies, on Filey seafront.

The two statues were purchased at a combined cost of around £100,000.

However, Mrs Robinson has not revealed the cost of the third statue.