This greenbelt land is unfit to be built on

RE: Filey Road amenity land

Here we go again with broken council promises. While reading this week’s Scarborough News I noticed an advert (with a map) in the classifieds section from a Northallerton-based estate agent. The advert is to sell the council owned land which is beside the new Wheatcroft roundabout. It is being advertised for sale as a “Development Opportunity” to build “Student Accommodation” on.

Before the last council elections the then Independent Cllr Penny Marsden who represented us at the time gave the local Filey Road residents an assurance that all of the grass land which runs behind the houses along the west side of Filey Road as well as the adjacent playing field, which is accessed from both Filey Road and Sea View, were to be protected as Village Green Status. This green belt land is and always has been water-logged and was generally thought of as unfit to build on. Which is why it is called amenity land and is no use for anything else other than grass.

I think the rest of the residents who live along this stretch of Filey Road, as I do should have been asked what they thought about this development opportunity before any developer even thinks about buying the land. I would have thought there is enough student accommodation in Scarborough without building anymore.

Over the last few years there have been far too many developments done, or started and not finished in our town which very few of us residents actually wanted and it is time to stop and think first. We were asked for our views about the council moving their offices from the Town Hall, so surely we should have a say in projected developments which really do affect a local area. I know that we are now known as a university town (we are supposed to be a holiday resort), but if the Hull University expands its campus it will affect all the residents in the area and we have a right to our views.

This proposed development would be large and would not be built just for a handful of students. The plot of land where the Hull University building is on is huge, so if their students need more accommodation why do they not extend their own building and leave our green belt as it is for them to enjoy as well as everybody else and the local wildlife.

Better still, don’t bother.

K Kitching

Filey Road