Thousands of new homes to be built across Scarborough

Home plans
Home plans

Nearly 10,000 new homes could be built in Scarborough in the next 15 years.

Scarborough Council's local plan has identified vast swathes of land in Scarborough, Whitby and Filey in order to meet local demand.

Five thousand jobs are predicted to be created over the period through to 2032, which will drive the need for more housing.

The council will also seek to ensure that it meets its need of 526 affordable dwellings per annum for the next five years.

Subsequently, beyond the five years, a need for 161 affordable dwellings per annum is predicted.

Among the sites identified is the Yorkshire Coast College site at Lady Edith's Drive, which can accommodate and extra 140 new homes.

Due to an anticipated shortfall in the number of homes four extra sites were identified.

These were:

* Extended site at west of Napier Crescent/north of Beacon Road, Seamer; 

* Extended site at south of Racecourse Road, East Ayton; 

* Land to south of Brigg Road, Filey;

* Land at Dean Road, Scarborough.

The Napier Crescent plans, which include 240 homes, have been unpopular with people living in the area, with the police being called when a public meeting was held with the potential developers.

Villagers rally against plans for 260 homes

The final local plan will be approved by the Full Council next month.