‘Tikka’ look at my receipts, I’ve nothing to hide, says Jim

Council boss Jim Dillon
Council boss Jim Dillon

Curry-craving council chief Jim Dillon has been munching his way across the country on the public purse, tucking into tandoori and tikka as he 
carried out his role.

Scarborough Council’s chief executive indulged his love for Asian food, dining out on council expenses on business jaunts to London and Birmingham, with noodles and Vietnamese food also on the menu.

But Mr Dillon, who pockets over £100,000 a year at the helm of the authority, managed to slash his personal spending by around 20 per cent, as the council continues to pull on the purse springs in its quest to cut millions from the budget.

In total, £1,914 was put on the council procurement card by Mr Dillon during the 2012/2103 financial year.

This is compared to £2,492 in the previous 12 months, when the council card was used nearly 50 times for a range of goods, including tickets for Elton John at the Open Air Theatre.

But this year, the vast majority of payments made on the card were for hotels, meals and refreshments, including a £135 round of drinks for around 50 guests at a civic bash at The Spa.

And among the more unusual purchases were malaria tablets and a hepatitis B jab for a trip to Africa, which Scarborough Council says was to help advise authorities there how to successfully run a council.

Like several items on his bill, the cost was met by third parties, and the council says it has no issue with any of the transactions.

Mr Dillon declined to comment.