Tim sails in during epic trip

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ACTOR Timothy Spall stopped off in Scarborough during a trip to circumnavigate Britain by barge.

The Harry Potter star – who is also well known for playing Barry in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet – has been moored up in Scarborough Harbour due to bad weather, but is due to sail to Bridlington as soon as the wind and waves permit.

Tim is making the epic journey with his wife Shane, who is writing a book about the adventure titled The Voyages of the Princess Matilda.

Their exploits will also be screened on BBC4 show Timothy Spall’s Somewhere at Sea, the second series of which is due to be aired in May.

Speaking to the Evening News, Tim said he was a huge fan of Scarborough and had enjoyed spending time in the town.

He said: “When we’re on our own in a place, like we are now, we’re able to integrate more.

“It’s my third visit to Scarborough and I like the town very much. I’d like to come back and see it in the winter.”

The actor says he has had lots of people coming up to say hello, some still calling him “Barry” after his most well-known small screen role.

He said: “We’ve been to Tescos and we got mobbed in the Pound Shop – I was signing bottles of perfume and baby wipes!”

Tim added that the Ivy House Restaurant in Sandside had become their kitchen and that they’ve loved “sitting in the bay window and watching people go by”. Other favourite haunts for the couple have been the Eastern Paradise Indian restaurant opposite Scarborough Market Hall and the Golden Ball pub.

Tim said: “We’ve been playing on the slot machines and we went for a walk up past the Spa toward the Crown Spa Hotel, where I stayed a few years ago.”

The intrepid pair are now taking to the seas again in the hope of becoming the first people ever to circumnavigate Britain on a Dutch barge.

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