To the rescue with courses

Some time ago I had a stroke (a cerebral haemorrhage) and wrote all about it in the Scarborough News. The emphasis was on having something to hold on to whether or not it was family, hobbies etc, to get over it, if indeed there was a chance. Art and design, along with a lot of help from my wife Barbara, and support from students, did just that. In fact I have been teaching the subject at Hull University (part time) in Scarborough and Pickering for seven years before the stroke and 13 years after it.

However, with the silly rise in full-time students fees from £3,000 to £9,000 Hull University has decided to scrap all short courses.

Art and design has been a lifeline to me and for many others. It has not only been used by young people taking a year out from full-time education in order to keep their portfolios up to scratch prior to full-time degree courses, but for people who have had a career but always wanted to be creative. To keep their minds ticking over without necessarily having to earn a living from it.

With the University Foundation Award, a leisure course and the opportunity to keep one’s portfolio up to scratch, Hull University have provided all this with nil fees for benefit people and reasonable fees for payers.

This through the present Government policy has now all stopped.

However, in Scarborough, the WEA (Workers’ Educational Association) has come to the rescue offering the opportunity to teach a similar art and design course with a very reasonable enrolment fee and a means tested nil fee for benefit people. The optimum number of students for a class to run is 12, so I hope there is plenty of interest.

In Pickering, Ryedale Leisure Centre have been very helpful and the payable fee is very similar to the Workers’ Educational Association, but benefit people will be required to pay a reduced fee.

I shall be putting out posters advertising the art and design course. They will start on October 2 in Scarborough and October 3 in Pickering. The time of the course is 10am to 12 noon and runs 10 weeks before Christmas and 10 weeks after Christmas.

To find out more about the course contact me, John Gale, on (01723) 859439.

John Gale

West End