Toddlers tamed by vets’ visit

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YOUNGSTERS at a Scarborough nursery school have been treated to a morning of animal magic.

Companion Care Vets, based in Pets at Home in Seamer Road, took animals including a chameleon, a rabbit, a hedgehog and a family of guinea pigs to the Happy Jays nursery in Eastfield.

The youngsters were given a crash course in animal care during the visit, which was provided free of charge to the nursery.

The fascinated children were also given the chance to handle and stroke the animals, and a poorly Scooby Doo doll gave them a chance to put their newly-learned skills into practice.

Nursery manager Louise Goodger said: “This is the second time they’ve come for an educational visit.

“The vets spoke to the children about their jobs and told them how to look after their pets.

“They found out about what animals like to eat and where they come from.

“Everyone really enjoyed it – they love things like that.”

When asked after the visit whether she wanted to become a vet, three-year-old Ruby Meads said: “I want to be a doctor or a princess but I want lots of animals.”