Tom Jones rocked Scarborough OAT

Tom Jones performs
Tom Jones performs

It's not unusual to have legends at the Open Air Theatre but the powerful voice of Tom Jones has made him a knight to remember.

Thousands of people danced in the aisles and dashed to the front of the stage and sang along to his biggest hits.

With a great nine-piece band of top musicians, brilliant digital screen and a top performance carried out with nonchalance and simplicity, he gave the Open Air Theatre another notch of success.

The venue has matured into a great platform, now a recognised part of the music circuit.

A few nights previously, the OAT underwent a severe weather test with Michael Ball and Alfie Boe getting more drenched than the audience because of the direction of the rain - the called it a "monsoon" but laughed it off and said it was a great night.

They were followed by Sir Cliff Richard, who was very personable and engaging and gave thousands of cheering fans the chance to relive a Summer Holiday and more as he moved round the stage like a young one.

Sir Cliff, like Sir Tim, defied their years of three score and ten-plus, and are both well into their gospel songs, but it was the old favourites with created the atmosphere and the jiving ... the old songs still being the best.

For the Welsh knight, What's new Pussycat, Green green Grass, Delilah and the rest, caused a warmth that elevated the OAT into a memory that will in time to come be as important to many as the Futurist was/is to them and many others.