Top police officer set to retire

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ONE of North Yorkshire’s top cops is to retire at the end of the week, it has been announced.

Deputy chief constable Adam Briggs has asked to retire on Sunday and the request has been agreed

He had previously been critical of North Yorkshire Police Authority, asking if “valuable time and resource” should have been spent on an investigation by the authority into how £10,000 of coaching was arranged by Mr Briggs.

Last week the county’s police authority said it had “considered the circumstances” around the personal development training provided to Mr Briggs over a two-year period from 2007 to 2009.

Mr Briggs, pictured, had said: “Now, at a time in which the force is faced with making hundreds of people redundant and operating on a greatly reduced budget, I’m sure the public are left wondering why valuable time and resource has been used up resurrecting a matter that was dealt with properly and effectively two years ago.”

North Yorkshire Police Authority issued a further statement. It said: “The authority hopes that Mr Briggs is not suggesting that, during times of public expenditure constraints, police authorities should deal with potential inappropriate behaviour on the part of senior officers in any way other than openly, transparently and proportionately.”

Scarborough councillor and North Yorkshire Police Authority chairman Jane Kenyon said: “Adam Briggs has been a fine police officer during his 31 years’ service.

“We wish Adam well in his retirement.”

Mr Briggs said: “I am fortunate to have enjoyed a great career with the police service and I wish to express my respect to the men and women whom I have so enjoyed serving with.”

Last year Mr Briggs was cleared of acting dishonestly after being accused of helping a relative get round part of the recruitment process to become a police officer.

However, the Independent Police Complaints Commission said Mr Briggs would receive “management advice” after misconduct charge was upheld against him as a result of the investigation.