Torch sparks lots of excitement in Filey

Olympic Torch in Filey''Picture by Neil Silk  sn122506a'18/06/12
Olympic Torch in Filey''Picture by Neil Silk sn122506a'18/06/12

It was a prioud moment for Paul Drake as he carried the Olympic Torch through Filey this week as part of the national relay ahead of the games

Paul, who works in Tesco in Scarborough, said it had been an amazing experience and added: “It’s one of those things that I will look back on – especially when the games come to London because I will be able to say ‘I helped with it’.

“I’ve been to Filey a few times but this time it was amazing to see all the local people and people who had travelled there to see the Torch.”

Torchbearers who carried the flame through Filey had come from areas such as Beverley, Hull and MIddlesbrough and he said their friends and family would have been there to cheer them on.

Paul added that he did a lot of work for charity and it had been an honour to be nominated. “To be chosen out of over 100,000 people it was an honour just to be there,” he added.

He said that he would treasure the torch and hoped to use it to help raise funds for charities such as Cancer Research UK.

As he made progress over his 300m part of the route he was surrounded by a team of four officers from the Metropolitan Police and his every step was captured by TV crews and press photographers covering the event.

He said: “For me it was like I’d won my gold medal and people were cheering me on. All I heard was people shouting – it was so unreal.”

Cllr Richard Walker, the Mayor of Filey, said local junior school children were very excited to see it pass by.

He added: “I thought it was excellent. We were sat in Scarborough Road with the junior school and they were absolutely excited about it – they were shouting and screaming as it went by.

“They actually touched it before it was lit – one little boy said to me ‘I’m not going to wash my hands anymore’.

“It was a really good turnout and the atmosphere down Scarborough Road was absolutely electric.”

He said that police officers along the route also got into the spirit of things by high fiving members of the crowd as they went past. “I will remember it – I don’t think it will come here again in my lifetime,” he said.