Tornado terror for dancer Ryan, 19

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A SCARBOROUGH teenager has been caught up in devastating storms which have swept across Midwest USA.

Ryan Feathertone, 19, pictured, who has been working as a professional dancer in Branson, Missouri, contacted his mum Paula as soon as he could to let her know he was OK.

At least 2 people have been killed in the storms, which have brought devastation to parts of Illinois, Missouri and Kansas, Kentucky and Ohio.

More than 100 were hurt and buildings badly damaged across multiple states, with at least 16 tornado sightings.

The storms hit overnight on Wednesday and a state of emergency has been declared.

Ryan’s mum Paula, who lives in Newby, said: “He said it was horrific and he’s never seen anything like it.

“The theatre he works in has blown down and the area is an absolute mess. When he rang, he said ‘There’s no electricity, a tree has gone into the porch and the garage doors have blown off - but I’m alright’.

“He also said that a state of emergency had been declared, but told me not to worry and that he’d been in touch as soon as possible.”

Ryan, a former Scalby School pupil who trained in Scarborough with Julie Hatton’s dance school, has been working in America since last June. He trained as a dancer in London from the age of 16 and has appeared in a number of productions, including Hooray for Hollywood.

Branson, Missouri, is an entertainment hub and has around 30 theatres. The town has strong links with country music. But the storms have caused devastation on the town’s main strip, with few buildings left intact.

Mrs Featherstone said: “I’ve been looking at the news coverage online and it just looks terrible.

“CNN were broadasting from right outside his theatre and I could see the sign for his show.

“I am worried, even though Ryan told me not to be. I’ve spoken to his agent too, who reassured me he’s OK.”

The family are now wondering what will happen next and whether Ryan will come home.

Mrs Featherstone said: “He was so lucky to get this job and we’ve been so proud of him all the way along. We’re hoping that he can continue to work from another theatre. But as long as he’s alright, that’s the main thing.”

Branson is 110 miles from Joplin, where a tornado in May 2011 killed 161 people.