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THE invitation cards and table plans for tomorrow’s Royal Wedding were produced by a Scarborough-led printing company, it can be revealed.

The company, under the direction of businessmen Andrew Pindar and Nick Hartley, has also printed the Order of Service at Westminster Abbey, and the place cards.

In another link to the event that will be watched by millions of people, Royal Protection officer George Dunn, of Scarborough’s has been enlisted to cover the wedding.

The former Raincliffe School pupil, who looked after the Queen during her visit to Scarborough last year, confirmed his role but could not give details as one of the officers protecting the Royal Family at the big event tomorrow.

As streets across were lined with bunting, flags, and pictures of the Royal couple, Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton, it was also revealed that Tom Terry, of West Avenue, Filey, who is a member of the Household Cavalry the Blues and Royals Squadron, will be escorting the royal coaches to and from Westminster Abbey.

The 19-year-old, who has been in the army since September 2008, will form part of the Royal Bodyguard. His father Steve is a paramedic in Filey and mum Alison is a teaching assistant at Filey Infants School.

“Tom is taking it all in his stride. We will be glued to the television, watching every minute to see if we can spot him in the parade,” said Mrs Terry.

Scarborough businessmen Andrew Pindar and Nick Hartley have been working hard over recent months after their London-based company Barnard & Westwood was asked to print the all-important wedding invitations.

The company, which employs 15 members of staff, is doing all the printing for the big event, including the order of service for guests at Westminster Abbey, table plans and place cards.

Mr Pindar, who is chairman of one of Scarborough largest employers Pindar, in Eastfield, said; “It is a thrill and an honour to be playing a part in such a big event. For us at Barnard & Westwood there is little in the world that will have the same prestige as printing for a Royal Wedding.

“People are always interested to see who the Royals choose for their own printing so it will be a wonderful boost for our business too.”

Former Scalby school pupil Mr Hartley, who took over the firm with Mr Pindar five years ago, said: “We have got a Royal warrant so we do the printing for a lot of Royal events, but to be involved in a Royal Wedding really is a huge honour.

“We have had to be very discreet in the process, and will be working right up to the event to cover any last minute changes.

“After that we will be looking forward to singing from the roof tops about our involvement.”

Millions of people across the globe are expected to tune in to watch the service at 11am tomorrow.

The day has been declared a public bank holiday in England, with hundreds of workers and school children given the day off to celebrate the occasion.

In Scarborough scores of events have been line up to mark the big day including street parties, fundraising, and fancy dress events.

While some businesses remain open Marks and Spencer in Newborough will be closed until 1pm, and the wedding will be aired on the radio at Co-op shops across the town.

See page ten for a full list of Royal Wedding events in Scarborough.