Ryedale has third longest average distance to electric car charging points in England

Electric chargepoints are few and far between in Ryedale.
Electric chargepoints are few and far between in Ryedale.

Ryedale has the third longest average distance to charging points in England, research from the BBC into electric vehicles has shown.

The study comes as the UK government has said it wants to 'lead the world in zero emission vehicle technology' by encouraging drivers to choose a low or zero emissions vehicle.

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However, the infrastructure to enable drivers to go green is not in place in vast swathes of the country.

In 2018, some 46,000 electric vehicles were registered for the first time and although the Department for Transport claims 80% of electric vehicle charging happens at home, for those who don't own their property or have access to off-street parking, charging on the go can remain challenging.

The BBC research findings show Scarborough has five electric car charging points which can be found in the Brunswick shopping centre, the Crown Hotel, Cross Lane hospital, Lidl and the Minstergate Hyundai garage.

In 2018 there were 100 registered electric or plug in hybrid cars in the town meaning there is one charging points for every 20 vehicles.

The average distance to a charging point is just over one mile.

This is dramatically shorted than in Ryedale where the average distance to a charging point is just under 5 miles, the third longest in England after West Somerset (5.3 miles) and Craven (6.4 miles).

In order to encourage businesses, home owners and local authorities to install more charging points, the government has created various grants and schemes.

However, just 28 local authorities have taken advantage of the government's £2.5 million fund for the On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme, none of which are in Yorkshire.

Freedom of information requests submitted to local authorities by the Lib Dems have revealed that Scarborough council has no plans to expand on current infrastructure.

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A Department for Transport spokesperson said: “Our vision is to have one of the best infrastructure networks in the world for electric vehicles, and we want charge points to be accessible, affordable and secure."

“Our Road to Zero strategy sets out our commitment to massively expand electric vehicle infrastructure, while the £400m public-private Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund will see thousands more charge points installed across the UK.

"This is part of a £1.5bn programme of investment to put the UK at the forefront of the transition to zero emission vehicles.”

However, Nicholas Lyes, RAC head of roads policy, said: “These findings show that despite the Government’s ambitions to accelerate the take-up of cleaner vehicles, charging infrastructure is presently something of a postcode lottery, and patchy at best in some parts of the country."