"We are so isolated" - readers condemn state of Whitby's public transport

On Wednesday the Whitby Gazette reported the House of Lords had described Whitby's public transport as "inadequate".

By Corinne Macdonald
Friday, 12th July 2019, 2:30 pm
Rail services in Whitby have been described as 'inadequate' in the House of Lords.
Rail services in Whitby have been described as 'inadequate' in the House of Lords.

Readers reacted to the news on social media and described which improvements they would like to see.

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House of Lords says Whitby is being let down by poor public transport

The Lords' criticism of the Government was made on Monday July 1 during a presentation of the Future of Seaside Towns report, published earlier this year by a Lords Select Committee, which found poor transport links were "central to the problems faced by many coastal areas", and have a negative impact on investment and growth of the visitor economy.

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Tina Mammoser confirmed this explaining as a visitor the transport options restricted her ability to enjoy the town and thought later buses would help.

She said: "Those of us visiting from elsewhere can't stay for evening meal, money for local restaurants and pubs. Last bus is around 6.30 in winter! Even 8-9pm would be more reasonable."

The Select Committee recommended the Department for Transport prioritises improvements to the coastal transport network in future investment plans.

However, the Government’s response said local authorities were “best placed to prioritise investments in their local area.”

Andrew Rodger, who lives in Stainsacre with no public transport at all, said: "Perhaps the Conservative central government needs to put some money in."

Rachel Griffiths said: "We are so isolated. Train links are what we really need but obviously it’s a bit difficult now the tracks have all been removed and built over but train links to Scarborough and York would be a huge improvement."

Phillip Trumper agreed with her saying: "The train service from Whitby is a joke. We want more services and a new line between Whitby and York."

Ann Nugent Hunter added: "A more direct route between Darlington and Whitby would be good, took us two hours the last time we visited."

In the Lords discussion Lord Bourne of Aberystyth, speaking on behalf of the Government, admitted: “Whitby has been left without a valuable connection to the south.”

Several readers pointed out there was no train route south from Whitby at all, and the existing services weren't good enough.

Lynn Moore said: "Never been on another train that you need to go up country to come back down to get to your destination."

Ian Fergusson added: "Trains and buses to Middlesbrough, Scarborough, York etc don't start early enough from Whitby."

Whilst Paul Waring added: "A coastal town right on the north end of the country and the only main line rail service is one that... goes even ‘northerner’ and along the coast?"

It wasn't just the train services that Whitby Gazette readers thought weren't up to scratch.

Traci Anne Connorton said: "Later buses would be a godsend too like they used to do."

However, Janet Clarkson thought transport issues were long standing.

She said: "Whitby has always had dreadful bus and trains.even when I was a girl in the 70s."

Lord Faulkner of Worcester said in the house of Lords he had been told "Northern is currently working with Network Rail to look at the feasibility of running an earlier service from Whitby to Middlesbrough from December 2019”