Traffic chaos in Ryedale at a standstill

The traffic concerns caused by the changed layout at the county bridge junction two years ago are still as problematic as ever.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 27th December 2018, 10:56 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 8:57 pm
Norton and Malton traffic jams. Picture by Andrew Higgins   sn123242b    10/08/12
Norton and Malton traffic jams. Picture by Andrew Higgins sn123242b 10/08/12

Local councillors Elizabeth Shields and D Keal from Norton, with Lindsay Burr and Paul Andrews from Malton, met with chief highway officers from North Yorkshire County Council at Ryedale House to discuss the situation.

We all made it quite clear that a reversal of the present layout would definitely improve safety and access from all directions.

Drivers coming from Church Street could then reach the bridge, the station or surgery as previously; drivers from the Welham Road would then give way before the railway crossing.

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We agreed that this is not a perfect solution but would undoubtedly prevent the massive queuing currently occurring on Church Street, together with equally long queues on St Nicholas Street: the residents there feel they live in a car park at busy times of the day.

So what did the officers say?

They explained that a ‘micro simulation model’ was being put in place to assimilate all the necessary information from both Malton and Norton.

It would then digest everything and eventually produce some solutions for both towns.

Finally a public consultation would take place on the options.

When I pressed for a date when this might happen, no answer could be given - a few months at best.

Following this response, we drove the officers round Malton, finally stopping at Norton’s car park and went on foot to look at the junction.

The officers were able to see the situation which local residents experience every day - and much worse – since we were at the crossing about late afternoon, before the rush hour.

As we stood there, some passing motorists urged ‘turn it round!’

Sadly, this is the up-to-date position.

All we can do at present is to drive carefully, especially when coming over the bridge from Malton, and get home safely.

Cllr Elizabeth Shields

Norton East Ward

Ryedale House, Malton