Capital awaits Bluebird bus

Bluebird vehicles restored coach
Bluebird vehicles restored coach

A GROUP of Scarborough apprentices are gearing up for next week’s prestigious Lord Mayor Show in London.

Apprentices from Bluebird Vehicles have lovingly restored an 82-year-old disused Leyland Tiger bus to its former glory for the parade, which will be watched by a television audience of millions.

Last-minute tweaks are being made to the engine, before the bus is placed on a low loader and driven to London next Friday in time for the parade the following day.

Engineering manager John Randerson told the Evening News that a decision has yet to be made on who will be boarding the bus for its journey along the route. However, he did confirm that the apprentices and 66-year-old Bernard Moment, who came out of retirement to assist in the restoration, will all be aboard, along with representatives from Welcome to Yorkshire.

Welcome to Yorkshire was invited to enter the parade by the incoming Lord Mayor of London, Bradford-born David Wooton.

In turn, the organisation asked Bluebird to enter a vehicle in the parade, and the bus will have the Welcome to Yorkshire logo emblazoned on it during the parade.

It is the first time Scarborough has had an entry in the historic event, and only the second time Yorkshire has been represented.

Last year, the Whitby steam bus Elizabeth made its way along the route, and this year it will be back to represent the region alongside the Tiger.

Janet Deacon, Area Director for Welcome to Yorkshire, said: “We are really looking forward to taking this fantastic vehicle down to the London Lord Mayor’s Show in partnership with Bluebird. The promotion of the borough at the event this year will be superb as we have both the Leyland Tiger from Scarborough and the steam bus owned by Vernon Smith from Whitby.

“Both of these vehicles will be showcased in front of the half a million people expected to line the route and more than three million people who will watch the show live on television – great publicity for the area!”