Drivers overturn more than half of all parking tickets on appeal

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Figures obtained by the Scarborough News reveal that Scarborough Council has scrapped more than half of all contested parking fines.

The figures show that since 2009, approximately 54 per cent of all contested tickets were overturned by the council after drivers appealed.

The total cost of these fines is estimated at hundreds of thousands of pounds.

And Scarborough’s former top traffic cop and leading parking authority Keith Hughes believes the figures illustrate his long-held belief that there is a “major problem” with traffic regulation in Scarborough.

“I’m not surprised at all with these numbers,’ said Mr Hughes, who has helped countless drivers overturn fines.

“Scarborough has a problem with traffic enforcement, and it’s been going on really for as long as I can remember.”

He believes traffic enforcement officers need better training, something Mr Hughes has said he would provide in exchange for a charity donation.

But he added: “What the council really needs to do is to admit that they have a problem (with parking), and then they can move on and fix it.”

A council spokesperson defended the figures, saying the numbers were “broadly in line” with the national average of 47 per cent.

They added that the council publishes all reasons for cancellation in its annual parking report.

Figures show that during the past three years, drivers have appealed 17,179 tickets, which is roughly 30 per cent of all the 59,184 tickets dished out by council enforcement officers in the same period.

Of the contested fines, vindicated motorists have successfully appealed 9,249 times.

In this three year period, the authority slapped tickets on cars totalling £1,450,040.

Figures were correct up to June 27.